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A Beautiful Story...

What is your darkness? What area of life are you struggling in? What area in your life are you embarrassed about? Is it no longer a struggle, or is it a daily struggle?

What makes a story beautiful? Is it portraying as if everything in our lives is 'perfect?' Is it only sharing the 'high' moments in our lives and not sharing the 'low' moments?

The man pictured above is special because he didn't allow his struggle to be a secret. He shared his pain. His truth. I can't imagine how many lives he touched by allowing his light to show in the midst of his darkness. The same can be for all of us. Our stories are meant to be told. Our stories are meant to bring someone closer to God, closer to Jesus. It's not about how many people agree with our story. It's not about how many people believe our story. It's not even about how many people hear our story. It's about our willingness. God can do amazing things in our lives when we are willing. Believing in God doesn't eliminate tears, pain, embarrassment, or frustration. However, Jesus can turn a wasted, painful story into a beautiful one. You are beautiful. Our stories are beautiful. Thank you, Mr. X for showing us that darkness can not drown out light. Your light lives. Where others see a dark, painful, sad story, I see a strong, inspirational, beautiful story. Our pain shouldn't negatively dictate how we treat others. Our pain should be the driving force to help others. -Love, Kris

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