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As Time Pass...

Does time heal all wounds? Does the more time we have with one another makes us closer and stronger? Does having less time with someone negatively affects the relationship?

I'm sure we all can agree that time is valuable. However, what if we didn't place emphasis on the amount of time but instead place emphasis on the quality of it? If you were hurt 10 years ago, does it lessen the pain because it happened a decade ago? If you lost a special person in your life 20 years ago, does it mean you no longer cry at the mere thought of them? You didn't complete the business plan or finished school 15+ years ago. Does that mean it still doesn't bother you? Or what about that friend or family member who created a scar on your heart, and you never said how it affected you?

Let's not get in the habit of being dismissive of a moment and hoping that time will correct, heal, or resolve the issue. The issue, concern, or pain is not removed simply by letting time pass. We have to do something with the time. Your something may require you to pray more, journal, find a hobby, actually talk it through with someone, change your mindset, etc. Regardless of what each of us is supposed to be doing with our time, ignoring the disappointment, pain, shame, or conflict doesn't resolve it.

As time pass, life changes, growth occurs, and once each moment has passed, it is a moment we can never get back. My prayer is that we don't allow time to simply pass. Instead, we have the tough conversations; we do the 'hard' work by being honest and vulnerable with each other so that our relationships are stronger and meaningful because we embrace each moment that has been given.



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