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Celebrate Yourself...

Today, we have an abundance of external factors that influence how we feel about ourselves and many of them are not positive. We should learn to celebrate ourselves and do so in a healthy manner. If you passed an exam, received an award at your job, didn't "go off" on someone when you were upset, or simply followed your diet plan, then it is okay to celebrate yourself. Celebrating yourself doesn't have to involve spending money; simply thinking a positive thought or permitting yourself to be happy is a form of celebration. Think about the areas you are improving in and appreciate your growth in those areas. Be nice to yourself.

When was the last time you said something good about yourself to yourself?

It is easy to become depleted waiting for others to appreciate us. Yes, we are created for relationships and it is nice for someone to recognize our growth and/or accomplishments. However, the most lasting relationship any of us will have is with SELF.

When we treat ourselves right, we are then capable of treating others right. Don't be a giver of good things and forget to give the same to yourself. The same forgiveness, patience, and understanding you give to others, please extend to yourself as well.


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