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Becoming Self-LESS

Are you selfish? When you think of giving, what comes to mind?

Most of us would probably consider ourselves NOT selfish. We think that because we give from time to time or because we think of others that we are not selfish. It is great to give and think of others but the question becomes, what are you giving? Why are you giving it? Is it a particular group of people you give to?

In today's society, it is easy to give. There are so many platforms that make it easy for us to give. However, becoming self-less requires more. It requires us to give ourselves; our time, our patience, our heart, etc. How many can say we would rather give ourselves instead of buying something for someone? If someone needs food and you buy it, the need is met once but if we assist them in obtaining their own source, the need is met time and time again. There is something you have that the world needs. Change the world by giving us you in addition to sharing what you have.



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