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Killer Silence...

Have you said what needed to be said? Are you completely honest with yourself? Are you hurting inside? Are you peaceful? Or are you numb? Did something happen at a young age that still affects you years later? Did you tell someone what happened, or did you keep it to yourself?

Do you think no one cares? Are you afraid of being embarrassed? Is it the "norm" to be silent about "tough" situations? Are you continuing the cycle?

No one is exempt from hurt, embarrassment, disappointment, or struggle. Everyone struggles with something. Everyone will experience hurt at some point in life. But who said you had to be silent about it?

Learning to speak your truth is an ongoing process. We consider others' feelings. We consider what others will say or think about us. We can find many excuses and/or valid reasons to remain silent about what did or did not occur in our lives. My plea to you is to break the silence with yourself, at least. Write down what really happened. Think about what really happened and be honest with yourself.

Not addressing our concerns can possibly lead us down paths we did not plan. Maybe we emotionally eat as a result of our silence. Perhaps we find comfort in alcohol as a result of our silence. Perhaps we are depressed as a result of our silence. Or angry. Or violent.

Our truth may be too much to address alone. Maybe finding someone to talk with will help. Our silence may be killing the best parts of us. Our confidence. Our relationships. Our dreams.

Everyone may not be able to handle our truth, but I believe someone out there can handle it. Start being truthful with yourself and if it is too much for you, seek help. Your marriage may be saved by breaking your silence. Your friendships may be saved by it. Your family may be saved by it. Maybe a stranger will be saved by it. If nothing else, you may be saved by it.

-Love Kris

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