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Life Happens...

What is happening in your life? Where are you heading? Any plans? Any goals?

What were the results? Were you successful? Did you accomplish the goal?

Are you giving 100% every time you set out to achieve something? What if it is your lack of commitment that is preventing you from reaching the next level? What if you are not as hard on yourself as you are on others? If you want a certain weight, career, lifestyle, etc., can you say you have done everything in your power to achieve it?

The emphasis is not on the goal or material things. The emphasis is on our commitment, our effort, our consistency. The phrase "life happens" is true. Many situations are out of our control, but we should recognize & acknowledge our contribution to every situation. If something is out of our control, then what is our attitude towards it. I have a saying that I share with my son that says: no matter the situation or where we are, we can always contribute something even if the only thing we contribute is a positive attitude. Maybe our attitude is the major factor that is contributing to our lack of success or accomplishment.

We have a role to play in our own lives. We have to put in the time, focus, faith, practice, etc., into what we are aiming for. God gives us opportunities, but what are we doing with the opportunities? God allows us to have multiple chances, but what are we doing with the chances given?

Life happens, but don't let it be because you didn't give your best effort. Don't cheat yourself. Get up and give the best version of yourself even if you are giving your best only to YOU. You got this!



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