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In 9 days, my book will be one month old! How exciting is that?? So far, I have heard great feedback. However, I don't believe it has reached its full potential. It is my goal to reach as many people as I can. I understand this is only the beginning so no disappointments here. In the future, I plan to visit various cities in hopes of attracting potential readers.

Now that the book is actually available, I am eager to discuss the poems with you. What emotions arose? Are any of the poems relatable? Why or why not?

I am learning that because this book is important and special to me, does not mean it will be important and special to others. Nevertheless, I truly believed someone will greatly benefit from Thoughts of You. Regardless if you have purchased the book or not, I appreciate your support.

It was never my plan to publish, but it has always been my heart to help. With that said, if you have anything you are working on or trying to start and need some help, feel free to email me. I am open to helping if I can. It doesn't have to pertain to writing of course, lol. Who knows, the answer you are looking for maybe an email away. If I can't help, we will figure it out together or maybe I can get you in contact with someone who can answer your questions.

Life's Pages is not just a blog. It is my hope to help beyond words.



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