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Lost and Found...

Do you ever feel lost? Do you feel as if sometimes you can't take it anymore? Then eventually, that phase in life passes, and you find yourself feeling as if life is great.

Do you ever think you have made so many mistakes that it is impossible to fix them? Then eventually, you begin to feel as if you have been too hard on yourself and that you can't be consumed with the past.

It's okay to feel lost because eventually, you will be found again if you do not give up. If we pay attention to the 'natural' elements in life, it shows us that beauty always comes after disaster, devastation, shedding, etc. We have to know that something or someone beautiful is bound to arrive if we continue our journeys.

Life is a series of cycles. Nothing lasts forever. Keep going, don't get stuck in your dark place; the sun will shine again. If you look closely, maybe it's not as dark as it seems. :-)


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