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You are Loved...

What is love? Are you loved? Do you feel or know that you are loved?

In today's world we have associated love with things, with people, everything external. If we look for love in material things, then we are bound to have disappointment because materials fade and people change.

The source of love is God. God is constant. He doesn't change. Yes God created people but people are unpredictable and to be honest, we (our inner selves) are unpredictable as well. How many times have you lied to yourself? How many times have you been disappointed with yourself? Therefore, we have to cleanse our minds from seeking love in imperfect people and in material things.

You are loved! God loves you. Not the love you see every day. Not the love you have created in your mind. This love is unexplainable. It's not magical but it may feel as such. It is not hard to receive but it may feel that it is. Love is not a feeling. Feelings change. Love is an action. God shows you love daily, we simply have to open our eyes. Look deeper. Simply pause and breathe. The organs in your body do their job without your permission. Who gives them permission to work? Who created the organs?

Try disconnecting from buying materials 1 day and instead sit and write about all the things that could have happened to you but did not. Think about the involuntary responses in your body that we take for granted. Proper digestion is a gift because it is someone who struggles with their digestive system. Having the ability to see is a gift because it is someone who struggles in that area. When you disconnect from the distractions and realize that someone has it worse, you will see that God has been with you the entire time. If you don't feel loved, know that I pray these words spark something within you to look within instead of looking out.

-Love Kris

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