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New Beginnings...

Where do we start? When is it a good time to start over? Is it possible to start over? If we pay attention to the natural order of life, it shows us that change happens every day. If we think about it, our body is naturally changing without any effort from us. So if change is inevitable, why do we reject it?

We have the ability to create new beginnings every day. When we forgive ourselves and others, we allow room for growth. If we are scared, start with scared. If we are alone, start alone. How we start a process, is not necessarily how we will finish it. We do not know who is waiting to help us along our journey. Then again, some journeys require us to travel alone.

No matter the circumstance, we can choose to not allow the past to keep us hostage. We can not get last year or yesterday back. Embrace your now and start today. Today is a great day to begin again. 💜



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