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Scared to live...

What scares you? But what scares you the most? Is it that you will not get the chance to live the life you always dreamed of? Have you settled with “getting by?” Too scared to try? Too scared to move? Too scared to live? Living a fulfilling life is scary if I must say so myself. What is a fulfilling life these days? Is it simply breathing and being in good health? Is that the standard by which we say “life is great?” While this may be true, I challenge you to raise the bar. Yes, being in good health, having your family and friends, being employed are miraculous components of life, but life should not stop there. Don’t give up on yourself or that person who you know needs you the most. Sometimes YOU are the person who needs YOU the most. Push beyond the pain, push beyond the fear. The fear is present to assist you not to crimple you. Evaluate all the aspects and when you recognize what is beyond your control, pray and let go. Let go of your doubts. Let go of your fears. Believe in yourself even if you have to act or move forward afraid. Either you will succeed when you try or you will learn something in the attempt. Regardless, you gain something. You don’t lose. Your days can consist of hiding behind your fears or you can use the time you have to do something life-changing. We all have something that haunts us. Your heart may never align with your brain. Follow your heart. The dream is there for a reason.

There is a difference between being fearful and cautious. Which one applies to you?


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