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In the early morning around 4 A.M., there is stillness. A time where traffic is not as busy. A time where the house is not so loud. During this time, there is a calmness that can create a different type of atmosphere.

However, this may not apply to everyone's situation. Maybe at 4 A.M., a parent is feeding their baby or someone is getting ready to leave for work. Maybe during this time, someone is crying because their spouse didn't come home again. Let's not forget, maybe 4 A.M. is the time prison guards awake prisoners.

See, it's not the time that actually creates the stillness. It's the actions, thoughts, and/or circumstances that help to create our quiet moments. Maybe your life is so busy, that you can't remember the last time you had a calm moment, or maybe having stillness in your life has never crossed your mind.

As for me, I was able to write you. I thought about you in my 4 A.M. moment. What if we schedule time or simply take advantage of the still moments we have every day? What would happen? How beneficial would it be to you, your friends, your family, etc.?

In stillness, we are able to hear our thoughts clearly without distractions. We are also able to hear what God is saying. In stillness, we can reflect on the good and the bad. We can also self-reflect, plan or re-evaluate different areas in our lives.

Please don't run from your quiet moments. The thoughts and feelings you may be running from could be the area in your life that needs your attention the most. (I am referring to those thoughts we try to avoid having)

No matter what life demands from you, you can have your 4 A.M. moment any time of the day. Look for your stillness and embrace it.

Be still.



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