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Sweet Escape...

Do you feel like sometimes you just want to leave? Are you due for a break? A vacation? A break from reality? A break from responsibilities?A break from being needed? A break from the hurt? A break from the pain?

Where do you escape to? Is it the mall? Alcohol? Food? Drugs? Television? Sleep? Do you escape by getting lost in work? In school? Is it really an escape if it is causing you or others harm or if it requires something from you?

Life seems to be a lot of doing and not enough living. When do you get to rest? Not sleep but rest. When was the last time you were still? Just you and nothing. No one. No television, no phone, no computer, no music, no work, no kids, no spouse, no family, no friends. JUST YOU.

What if you are the escape you need? When was the last time you danced for no reason? When was the last time you held a hairbrush and sang? Made yourself a bubble bath? Or poured a glass of wine and enjoyed it all by yourself? Or a beer all alone? Or just cooked your favorite meal and propped your feet up?

Maybe your escape doesn't have to be in a faraway place. Maybe it does or doesn't involve family or friends. Maybe your sweet escape is appreciating you and resting in that appreciation. With the world being in the state it is in, waiting for the right time to take a vacation may take a while.

You can escape today. Maybe it's jazz music and some ice cream. Maybe it's a walk in the park with no interruptions. Maybe it's sitting on the patio listening to traffic. Maybe it's sitting in your car looking at the stars. Maybe it's going to the shooting range. Maybe it's taking a long night or day drive going nowhere. Maybe it's enjoying a cigar. Maybe it's going fishing. Maybe it's none of these. No matter what it is, if it gives you peace and it doesn't cause you or anyone else harm, go for it. Find your sweet escape, and don't feel bad about doing so.

If you have time for others, then you have time for yourself. You can escape every day if you want or need to. It doesn't have to be grand. An hour a day of some "me" time can really make a difference.

I would love to hear about how you escape. :-) Please like, share, and comment.

-Love Kris

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