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The Way I Am...

Who are you? Who have you been? Who are you striving to be? Where did you get this definition of yourself?

Somehow we perceive change as difficult, but it's not the act of change that is hard. It is our willingness and our mindsets that make change difficult. We hold to the beliefs, the friends, the habits that make us comfortable. We would rather continue making our unhealthy habits instead of creating new habits because creating new habits requires work. It requires us to face the truth about ourselves. Yes, we make mistakes. No, we do not always get it right but are you willing to change? If you have the will to be better, there are people and resources available to you. You do not have to do it alone.

We can often avoid conflicts and mistakes if we look within by asking why do I do what I do? Why do I say what I say? Where did this belief come from?

Changing is not about neglecting your values and morals. It is not about changing because someone asked you. It is about striving to be a better version of yourself than the day before. It is recognizing that we do not have all of the answers. So no matter how old you are, whether 18 or 88, it is always room for growth.

Are you settling for "I am the way I am," or are you willing to change for yourself and the sake of others?

The world deserves the best version of you. Be honest, be open, be willing. We need you.

-Love Kris

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