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We are all leaders...

When you think of a leader, what comes to mind? Is it someone with a lot of responsibilities? Is it someone who has an executive position? Or is it someone who is very persuasive?

What if we went deeper and discovered that we are all leaders? We are connected regardless if we believe so or not. The actions I take can and will affect someone else, and the same applies to you as well. How we live our lives can significantly impact someone else.

Would we live our lives differently if we knew that we were leading others on the same or worse path? Would we speak the same if we knew that the words spoken could build or shatter a person's confidence?

What would happen if we knew the names of the people who really follow us? Not the social media followers, but those who actually cling to what we say, who seriously look up to us. Would we smile more, love harder, forgive quicker?

We are connected, and the life we live has value. So much value that it is beyond eyesight. The truth is: others are following us. We may never know their names, but we have the special opportunity to be a helper along their journey and not an obstacle when we live not only for ourselves but for others as well. :-)


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