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What's Your Story???

What's your current story?

What's your life's history?

Not what you have been through or what your parents had to endure.

What are you currently doing that shapes your current lifestyle?

Is it any area in your life you stopped giving attention to?

Do you have a history of not eating dinner as a family?

Do you have a history of not completing tasks?

History of going to church just because it is a tradition?

History of not discussing how you truly feel?

History of eating unhealthy foods?

History of negative self-talk?

History of praying only when something is wrong?

History of quitting on yourself?

History of shutting others out?

Do you have a history of believing this is all life has to offer?

Do you have a history of not spending quality time with the ones you love?

History of helping others fulfill their dreams and neglecting your dreams?

History of not saving money?

History of not exercising?

History of not saying "I love you?"

History of frowning more than you smile?

History of being selfish because no one gave to you?

History of accepting less than what God intends you to have?

No matter your history, you can change it. You may not change people, but you do get to change yourself and your contribution.

What's your current story? Only you know your truth. If you are not pleased with the answer, decide today to change your story's direction, your history.

The smallest change may have the greatest impact.

-Love Kris

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