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Wins and Losses...

What are the wins and losses in life? Does it really count as a win if we do not receive recognition? How do we define what a loss is?

The answers can vary from person to person. However, what if we altered our definitions of what it means to win and what it means to lose.

We are faced with many distractions and obstacles daily that sometimes it is hard to see our "wins." We are also consumed by responsibilities that it can be difficult to see our "losses" as well.

What if we take time today and ponder on the areas we are winning in and the areas we are losing in? Are we winning by simply having loving family and friends? Are we losing in the area of health and finances? Maybe it is not external. Are we winning in discipline but losing in self-confidence?

Let's celebrate our wins; whether grand or not, whether we receive recognition or not.

If we look for the good in our losses, maybe we will find that we gained some knowledge, determination, or growth in the process. And if we gained something in the process, then is it really considered a loss?


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