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You Choose...

Would you rather have extra time to do all you want OR have less time doing only what needs to be done? Would you rather remain silent OR regret never saying what needed to be said? Would you rather CHOOSE not to hug your child because you are upset OR never have the opportunity to hug them again?

Are you choosing what makes you feel good at the moment or choosing what is right? Are you postponing something that could change your life, change someone else's life, or change the world? Do you believe you have time as if you know how much time you have?

We can become so comfortable with living that we forget the next moment is not guaranteed. Would you rather use your time being upset, unforgiving, combative, selfish, OR use your time being happy, loving, giving, and thoughtful?

Life is about choices. Regardless of what is going on in our lives, our choices can easily be our last choice. It's not about living in fear. It's about living with focus, with intention, with vision.

When we grasp how precious and valuable life is, the choices we make will reflect it. It's not about being perfect people. It is about being purposeful people.

No matter the circumstance, the environment, what happened or didn't happen, we still have a choice with how we treat others and our attitude. We have to decide how we will live our lives and make choices to reflect it daily.

You have the time now, what are you doing with it?



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